Top-quality sound absorption

Simple but effective sound absorption products

Good acoustics can make a big difference in well-being, productivity, and even learning. With high-quality sound-absorbing products, you can create a comfortable space that stands the test of time.

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Vaimee products

Vaimee manufactures acoustic products that you can use as part of your décor.

With Vaimee’s products, echo can be eliminated from spaces while keeping aesthetics in mind. Vaimee® is a registered trademark, under which you’ll find a growing selection of beautiful, durable, and easily accessible acoustic products. The basis of each Vaimee acoustic product is durability, customizability, and easy installation.

Choose Vaimee and succeed in your project.

Vaimee® Based™ Print

Acoustic board for image printing

Vaimee Natural cover -akustiikkapaneeli

Vaimee® Natural Cover™

Natural acoustic boards

Vaimee® Based™ S

Easy and high-quality acoustic panel

Vaimee® Based™ XL

Large-sized acoustic board


Unique acoustic surfaces customized for you

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