Vaimee® Colorssi™ tinting service – colourful acoustic boards with a tint of your choice

A colourful acoustic board with a tint or surface pattern of your choice

When you want the colours of your choice for your project. Thus, we created the Vaimee® Colorssi™, which enables you to design an acoustic board with any tint or pattern.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it

It is possible to order the acoustic panel with the exact tint or pattern that you desire.

  • the tint you specified from the colour chart
  • the material sample you provided (e.g., wood, stone, veneer, laminate, textile…)

Please consider potential copyrights in, for example, textile patterns..

The most accurate result

At Vaimee, we understand that colours are complicated. Light, surface material and gloss affect the way we see things. Therefore, we will do our best to achieve the result that is closest to the desired outcome.

We always provide three different models of Colorssi™ so you can compare them yourself.

The Colorssi™ works are done on a Vaimee® Based™ Print acoustic board, which is optimal for creating a visual style.

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Product information

  • Colorssi™ projects are printed on a Vaimee® Based™ Print acoustic board
  • this service is customized according to your needs and ideas
  • maximum board size 2440 x 1220 x 24 mm
  • you can make entire walls by combining boards
  • fire class D
  • sound absorption class A