VAIMEE® BASED™ PRINT printable acoustic board

Implement more beautiful surfaces that eliminate echo

Echo and noise don’t belong in a sophisticated person’s work and living space. Let’s eliminate the echo and replace it with something beautiful. Sound good?

Choose the best material for acoustic surface printing. One that’s specifically designed for printing.

Based™ Print acoustic board can be printed with a UV flatbed printer, latex printer, and sublimation technology. Use the acoustic board in your project to print beautiful and individual art on the acoustic board.

Acoustic panel you can use in many ways

The Based™ Print acoustic panels are suitable for a variety of installations. It can be hung on either the wall or the roof. It can be used to create excellent details and large, sound-absorbing surfaces measuring up to tens of square meters.

Design your idea and implement it in a way that doesn’t limit your creativity.


Seven reasons to print on Based Print acoustic panels


1. Always a high-quality image with no compromises

2. No need to frame or batten the edges

3. You can cut it and deliver custom products flexibly and efficiently

4. Mechanically durable surface enables versatile applications

5. The photo is printed directly on the surface, no complicated or difficult work phases

6. Large m3 sized boards allow you to get large surfaces done efficiently

7. Withstands mechanical stress, such as blows, abrasion and moisture

See what kind of sound-absorbing creations our customers have created with our printable boards: references

Vaimee®Based™ acoustic board features

Sound absorption class

A (SFS-EN ISO 354:2003 ja SFS-EN ISO 11654:1997)

Suitable for printing technologies

  • UV flatbed printing

  • Sublimation printing with a heat press

  • Latex flatbed printing


24 mm (1 inch)


3,6 kg /m², 155 kg /m³

Board size

2440 x 1220 (mm)


Recycled polyester (PET), the origin of which is recycled beverage packaging


Can be cut with, for example, knife, saw, drill, or vibrating cutter. Holes can be cut into the material with a drill or hole saw.

Attachment options

Glue, double-sided adhesive tape, screws, hooks

In roof mounting, there is a possibility to glue onto the supporting rails.

The recommended supporting rail distance is max 1,000mm

Indoor air classification


Fire class

D-s2, d0 (EN 13501-1:2018, EN ISO 11925-2:2010)

Other information

Shockproof, resistant to friction, not flexible, can be hung, dust-free, withstands moisture

Improve your comfort in a space by eliminating echo

Noise and echo in a space cause unnecessary stress. They disrupt work and focus. By using acoustically absorbing products, you will make your space even more comfortable and productive.

Did you even begin to think that you could print art on a sound-absorbing, acoustic surface? An acoustic faceplate can be so showy that it creates the whole centrepiece for a space. But at the same time, it can eliminate echo so effectively that it has a positive impact on everyone that spends their time in the space.

Whenever I see a photo print covering the whole wall that is not acoustic, I can’t help but think about it. People in these offices and public spaces would have deserved something so much better. The costs would be approximately the same, even if the photo print eliminated echo as well. At Vaimee, we strive to make more surfaces that benefit people’s well-being and productivity. I ask you to join us.

Mika Latvala
Vaimee oy