Top-quality sound absorption

Good acoustics can make a big difference in well-being, productivity, and even learning. With high-quality sound-absorbing products, you can create a comfortable space that stands the test of time.

New and hot acoustic products

Vaimee® Natural Cover™ series

Uusi Natural Cover™ series

Meet the new Natural Cover™ product series. Its design is based on a perfectly authentic and natural appearance.

Use the beautiful, acoustic Natural Cover™ interior decorative panels to eliminate echo effectively.

Based™ Print -akustiikkalevy

Printable acoustic board

Based™ Print is the best solution when you want to print on an acoustic board. Create stunning works of art that remove echoing.

Nearly all Finnish printing companies can print on a sound-absorbing Based™ Print board.

We cannot stop ourselves hearing and seeing

Even if you close your eyes and cover your ears, you can never stop sensing your environment. So, make sure you always find yourself in a comfortable space, regardless of what you’re doing.
And if you happen to design spaces for others, especially keep this in mind.

Miksi valita Vaimee?

Three golden rules on why you should choose Vaimee’s acoustic products

1. Simple but effective product

Generally, the benefit of complicated projects is the simplicity of materials. Vaimee Based series products are designed to be as simple as possible – they’re made of just one raw material, and the product looks the same both on the inside and outside. No layers, no coatings, no hassle, no difficulties – just the product.

2. The material works for the designer, not the other way around

Vaimee’s mission is to ensure the acoustic materials are easily customizable. Designers can draw surface prints and shape and it’s easily printed or cut into the desired shape. We believe that, for example, selling printable Based Print acoustic boards is the same thing as delivering drawing paper to an artist. The artist determines the outcome, not the paper.

3. Life is hard, but Vaimee can handle it

At Vaimee, we think that things should work for tens of years without any service. Of course, this is also applied to Vaimee’s acoustic products. Thus, they’re shock, moisture and lightproof. We cannot even think to surround ourselves with something that doesn’t withstand harsh treatment..

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