Frequently Asked Questions.

What are Vaimee’s boards made out of?

Vaimee’s Based series boards are made out of recycled polyester (PET), i.e. plastic. At least half of the material originates from recycled plastic bottles.

Polyester is a safe, odourless, and stable material.

Do Vaimee’s products have a fire classification?

Vaimee’s 24 mm Based boards are fire tested and classified, so it’s suitable for most public construction projects. Fire class D-s2, d0(EN 13501-1:2018, EN ISO 11925-2:2010)

Is the board odourless, or does it release something into the indoor air?

Vaimee’s Based series boards are completely odourless, tasteless, and stable. No dangerous particles or chemical compounds get into the indoor air. The materials have an M1 indoor air classification.

Absorption class – how much noise do the acoustic boards absorb?

Vaimee’s Based™ acoustic boards have the absorption class of A (the best) according to SFS-EN ISO 354:2003 and SFS-EN ISO 11654:1997. More information can be found in the classification report.

How can I cut the acoustic boards??

Vaimee Based™ is dyed-through, and it’s easy to cut. Nearly any sharp cutting tool will do. For example, we’ve heard of these tools being used.


  • computer-controlled cutting table with a knife (printing houses)
  • vibrating cutter
  • utility knife
  • cutter knife
  • jigsaw
  • handsaw
  • table saw
  • bandsaw
  • water cutter
  • drill bits or pin mill machines can make clean holes
  • shape cutter (e.g., pin) (may cause an uneven edge depending on the drill bit)

Is the acoustic board shockproof?

The Vaimee® Based™ acoustic board is made of exceptionally durable material. It withstands blows and friction very well. In addition, the photo printed boards are durable.

Vaimee’s boards are perfectly suitable in, for example, sports halls or kindergartens due to its high-quality structure. If you somehow managed to break the board’s surface (let’s say, with a nuclear missile), the material on the inside of the board is the same as on the outside.



How can I install the acoustic board?

The Vaimee Based™ S acoustic boards have a ready, strong mounting adhesive for mounting on the wall.

Based™ X and Print boards do not have a ready adhesive. The acoustic board can be installed by

  • glue
  • double-sided tape
  • screws
  • mounting brackets
  • magnets
  • hanging onto the ceiling with a wire or chain

Can the acoustic board be painted?

The Vaimee Based™ acoustic boards can be painted with, for example, water-soluble indoor paint. You can use a roller, paintbrush, or a spray gun. However, the spray gun provides the best result. Huomaa, että Keep in mind that acoustic properties may be affected by paint. The boards can also be tinted with Vaimee Colorssi™ tinting service.

How sharp does the photo have to be to print on an acoustic board?

In acoustic boards, the quality of the photo is limited only by the quality of the material provided by the customer.

The minimum size should be 1 pixel per 1 millimetre. For a 1200mm x 1200mm board, you should have a photo resolution of at least 1200 x 1200 pixels. If you want a sharp photo, we do, however, recommend sharper photos. Remember that the viewing distance affects how good the photo looks.

The best possible result is acquired from a vector file (SVG or PDF). In this case, the photo becomes completely accurate and sharp, with a full resolution of 1 200 DPI (47 pixels / mm).

I have a space that echoes a lot, and I want to make it acoustic. Is it enough to install one acoustic board of the size of 60cm x 80cm on the wall?

No, it’s not. So that the echoing is eliminated, more acoustic material must be added. At least 1/6 of the room surface should be covered by a sound-absorbent material, such as textile or acoustic panel. In audio usage, cover at least 1/3 of surfaces.

Tip: If you don’t want to make the showiest acoustic board gallery, install the acoustic boards onto the ceiling as well.


So Vaimee’s acoustic boards are made from plastic?! How dare you?

Yes, you heard right, but more specifically, recycled plastic. Vaimee’s Based™ boards are very environmentally friendly. The raw material used is polyester, a quite simple polymer, and therefore manufacturing chemically consumes little energy. And our boards are made of empty plastic bottles. Suppose the acoustic boards ever become unusable (which is rare, as Vaimee’s boards are exceptionally durable). In that case, the product can further be recycled into new plastic products. If recycling is not your thing, the boards can also be utilized as energy waste.



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