Vaimee Based S acoustic panel

World’s easiest acoustic panel

Vaimee Based™ S is an easy to use acoustic panel. It’s delivered in a convenient three-piece package in two colours. There’s an adhesive on the back of the panel that makes it easy to install anywhere – and if necessary, easy to remove.

High-quality and durable material

Vaimee Based™ S is made from the Vaimeen Based™-acoustic board. It’s a tough and dense material. Its sound-absorption capabilities are very good due to its density – it weight more than competitors’ products; 3,5-3,9 kg/square metre or around 150 kg / cubic metre.


A package of three panels includes

  • three Based acoustic panels that come with an adhesive tape
  • Finnish and English manual

Package weighs around 4,8 kg. Dimensions 645 x 615 x 90 (mm)


You can install Vaimee Based S™ acoustic panel easily on the wall or ceiling because the board comes with a powerful adhesive. The adhesive is suitable for virtually any surface. The panel sticks to both painted and varnished surfaces, wallpaper, concrete, metal, and glass.

Separate adhesives or other installation accessories aren’t needed, however, the installation surface must be clean from dirt and grease.

Technical features

  • efficient sound-absorption
  • dimension 600 x 600 x 24 (mm)
  • weight 1,2 kg
  • made out of recycled water bottles
  • dyed-through material
  • can be cut and painted
  • shockproof
  • odourless M1 Indoor air classified material


List price €99 / three-piece package.

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