Vaimee’s story

I made the first acoustic panels for my own use. Those on the market didn’t fulfil my needs because their price and quality didn’t meet. I built huge wooden frames and stuffed them with wool. I lined the entire structure with woollen fabric I bought from Germany and hung the blocks on my student apartment walls. The result was neat and efficient panels. My living room became pleasantly melodic. In addition to my sound system audio improving, my room was comfortable. I was impressed by how much acoustics improve comfort.

When I saw how much good acoustics improved my mood, I wanted to start researching and developing the industry. The result was Vaimee Oy and its slick product range that provides high-quality, pleasant, and affordable acoustic products to eliminate echo.


Mainly, I get my inspiration from nature. The woods, mountains, and canyons are close to my heart. Their sound environment is ideal. Especially, the almost perfect silence in the Lapland mountains made me feel alive.

To me, aesthetics is equally important but only when it’s practical. I’m a carpenter, which I think is the reason details are so important to me.

We’re always sensing with our eyes and ears, and we cannot stop. Let’s make the world a place where we really don’t need to.

Mika Latvala
Vaimee oy